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An Introduction to Students’ Union

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"The Students’ Union is an excellent way to advocate for things you believe in, and be the voice of the students. If you are a passionate individual, who wants to make a difference, then the Students’ Union is the place for you."

Francesca Thomas, Students’ Union President 2023

Meet your representatives

Students' Union President - Francesca Thomas

Starting college is an exciting step for anyone who’s looking forward to the new challenges and changes that come with it. However, change isn’t always easy. The Students’ Union aims to make the step between school and college seamless. Whether it be starting a new club, helping with fundraising or inspiring learners with campaigns, the Students’ Union is there for anyone and everyone.

I was honoured to be made President last year and during my time in office, the Students’ Union has introduced a number of initiatives to improve the learner experience, such as additional pool tables, the participatory budgeting event, menstruation station and gender- neutral toilets, to name a few.

I also aim to introduce a peer mentor scheme before my time in office comes to an end. Mental health has always been important to me and even more so since the pandemic. The Peer Mentors Scheme aims to create a wellbeing team which is student led. The reasoning behind this is that students can offer advice on issues and problems that they may have experienced themselves.

The Students’ Union is an excellent way to advocate for things you believe in, and be the voice of the students. If you are a passionate individual, who wants to make a difference, then the Students’ Union is the place for you.

Welsh Language Officer - Rhys Price

I would like to open up more opportunities to speak Welsh around the college campuses. I also wish to provide ways for people who speak Welsh to be able to complete their learning through the medium of Welsh.

My aim is to help with any issue that is needed relating to the Welsh language and offer assistance to anyone that may need my help.

I also hope to learn new skills and broaden my horizons within my position in the Students’ Union.

Women's Officer - Jenna Loweth

I want to bring a strong but equal and relevant female view, ensuring that all feel safe whilst within their time in college, this being both mentally and physically.

Many describe me as a strong-minded individual, who will always voice what is important. As the women’s officer it is my duty to make sure all needs are met, and go beyond to help all within the college campuses.

In the current climate that we live in, it is more important than ever to make sure our voices are heard and changes made. I know the struggles that we go through, and how as a college we can come together to make these necessary changes. I will bring safety, and comfort but also respect and change.

LGBTQ+ Officer - Keira Meal

I hope to bring a new level of support to the LGBTQ+ community to ensure the utmost amount of comfort during their time at college. This could include addressing gender neutral toilets or organising and establishing an LGBTQ+ group to widen the availability for our community.

I also hope to bring a voice to sectors of the community and offer support where it’s needed. Nobody should be excluded.

Within my role, I am striving to provide a voice to anyone affected by LGBTQ misjustices at college and inevitably seek solutions for them. Please approach me with any concerns at km229984@colegsirgar.ac.uk.

Vice President of Pibwrlwyd Campus - Elsie Williams

Whilst working in this role, i'm hoping to be able to successfully make positive changes to the college based on the opinions of the students. I hope to be able act on any ideas or issues that I’m made aware of on campus.

I also hope to bring a source of reliability to the role and to be someone who is helpful and who will endorse the message that it is important to air your opinions.

Outreach Officer - Ayden Reynolds

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be our college’s Outreach Officer this year and I have many goals that I aim to achieve.

The transition from secondary school can be a difficult time for many students, so I will do whatever I can to make this as seamless as possible.

Another of my goals is to increase student engagement and promote the events hosted by Students’ Union. Through the use of social media, posters and other advertisements we can continue to grow the Students’ Union and provide even more clubs and events for our students to enjoy.

I’d also like to be a voice for my peers and represent their best interests. If any student has any questions or concerns I am always happy to listen and do what I can to help them. I’m excited to give my all to this role over the coming year and hope to make some positive changes to our college.

Equality and Diversity Officer - Jack Sidford

I am overjoyed to have the chance to serve as Coleg Sir Gâr's equality and diversity officer for the upcoming academic year.

College years ought to be some of the most enjoyable and memorable years of our lives. Because of this, I want to promote diversity and inclusivity at our college so that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or gender, has equal access to opportunities while studying.

I want to collaborate closely with my other officers throughout the course of the upcoming year, namely the LGBTQ+ Officer, Young Carers Officer, Women's Officer, and the Wellbeing Officer and Outreach Officer.

To help students relieve stress and build their social networks, we want to create a number of support groups throughout all of the campuses at Coleg Sir Gâr.

Additionally, I'll strive to start a push to replace any archaic or potentially harmful language that is still prevalent throughout the campus network. By doing this, I hope to ensure that all students feel safe and at ease during their time here.

Wellbeing Officer - Rhys Lloyd

I hope to be a voice for my fellow students and to convey any concerns they may have to the appropriate people. I believe in fairness and equality for all and wish to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities. I collaborate well with others and therefore feel I will be an asset to the Students’ Union team.

I am a very friendly and approachable person. I am non-judgemental and can be trusted with confidential information. I would like to survey my fellow students in order to find out their views on matters concerning their wellbeing. I strongly believe in justice and social democracy. I am anti-bullying and am especially concerned about the rise of cyber bullying in the community and globally.

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