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Level 1 Diploma in Multi Skilled Construction

Programme Description

This course provides the ideal introduction to the construction industry if you are not sure about which construction route to follow. You will learn the basics of these trades, giving you an idea of what you are good at and what you enjoy. Increasingly there is a demand for people who are skilled in a range of construction trades. This course will introduce you to: Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery.

Programme Features

This is a highly practical course and is designed to develop your skills and knowledge enabling you to work in the construction industry.

It has been specifically developed for delivery in a training environment using simulated conditions and the tests are based on you showing what you can do as an individual.

 You will have the opportunity to enter Skills competitions and visit exhibitions and businesses relevant to the construction industry.

Progression & Employment

On completion of this course you have the option of continuing to study Multi Skills at Level 2 or you can specialise in one of the trade areas offered; Trowel Occupations, Joinery or Site carpentry. 

Once you complete the L1 Multi skills Diploma there are two options available to you,  you can either do; Level 2 and 3 Diploma only in that chosen trade  

Or you can do an apprenticeship in that trade.

An apprenticeship involves  completing a Level 2 and 3 Diploma alongside an NVQ at each level. 

Learners would then come to college for 1 day and spend the rest of the time ‘onsite’ at work. This gives the learner the opportunity to earn while they learn.

Programme Content

Learners are taught two theory units;  Health and Safety in the Construction and Introduction to Construction industry.

The learners will be shown how to carry out various industry standards of Carpentry, Joinery and Trowel Occupations.

Trowel Occupations units; Constructing cavity walls in brickwork and blockwork , laying block pavers and Mixing and laying concrete

Carpentry units include; Woodworking joints, Door linings, Skirting (mouldings) Constructing halving joints, Constructing housing joints, Constructing and fixing hatch linings

Joinery Units; Making simple doors and frames including haunched mortise and tenon joints,  Constructing through mortise and tenon joints and frames 

Theory is also embedded within the practical units which are offered.

Programme Assessment

Learners will be asked to complete practical end of unit tests which will assess the skills involved within that unit against  industry standards of Trowel Occupations,  Carpentry and Joinery.

Theory units will be assessed with written tests which include short answers and multiple choice.

Programme Entry Requirements

GCSE grades A*-G in English or Welsh (1st Language) and Maths will be an advantage.

Successful interview. A practical aptitude is an advantage.

Additional Costs

All learners are required to pay an administration fee of £45.00 prior to enrolment.

You will need to provide your own stationery, and may also incur costs if the department arranges educational visits