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Level 2 Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development

Programme Description

The level 2 CCPLD course will provide you with a licence to practice and work with children between the ages of 0 – 8 years old. The programme will be divided into 2 sections – the Core and the Theory and Practice element.

You will have the opportunity to improve your Welsh language skills and achieve First Aid and Food safety qualifications. You will develop your literacy, numeracy and your digital capabilities. There will be opportunity to improve grades in GCSE Mathematics and English. Examples of units on the main qualification include:

Core Learning outcomes section Development (0-19 years of age) 

  • 002 Health, Wellbeing, Learning and Development 
  • 003 Professional Practice as an Early Years and Childcare Worker 
  • 004 Safeguarding Children 
  • 005 Health and Safety in Children’s Care, Play, Learning and Development 

Theory (Unit 216) and Practice element (Unit 200- 204 mandatory and optional) 


  • Stages and general patterns of physical, intellectual (cognitive) language, emotional and social development in children from conception to 19 years.
  • How Learning Environments can assist and support Children's health, wellbeing, development and needs from 0-19 years
  • The value and impact of legislation in relation to all types of Children's play, learning and development settings in Wales.
  • The role and value of the social care, education and health services available in Wales to support children`s care, health, well-being and development needs.


To include mandatory units and optional units in various age groups (from groups A, B or C) 

280 hours in placement supported by placement officer 

Programme Features

The course is delivered both in the classroom and within a childcare setting. This will consist of 2 days in placement and 3 days in college. Visiting speakers and experts will also come to the college to speak to you about their experiences within different sectors to include statutory, voluntary and third party services. You will also have the opportunity to partake in Welsh language and cultural experiences to enhance employability. 

Progression & Employment

This qualification has a core of underpinning knowledge, skills and understanding, and a range of options to reflect the breadth of pathways within this sector. Learner progression could include further study onto Level 3 CCPLD, an apprenticeship or employment. 

The level of progression will depend on the overall success achieved in the qualification.

Programme Assessment

Core units are assessed by internal and external assessments – 3 case studies (internally assessed)

1 multi choice assessment (externally assessed)

Theory – Question paper (externally assessed ) 

Practice – A set of structured tasks (4 in all) which will be used to gather assessment evidence for the majority of the mandatory content. These tasks will consist of candidates being observed planning four separate opportunities/experiences; conducting those opportunities/experiences and evaluating each of these over a 6-month period.

A portfolio of evidence to sit alongside the structured tasks. The purpose of the portfolio is to supplement the evidence collected from the structured tasks through evidence from day-to-day practice. 

Programme Entry Requirements

3 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications – D to G grades. Entry is dependent on a selection interview. Entry for students without formal qualifications is at the discretion of the Curriculum Area Head.