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Gaining experience from camp

Last summer saw childcare level three student Barbara Atzori return home to visit family in Sardinia, by the end of July she was back in her home town of Sorgono.

During her time in Sorgono she talked to a friend who was currently organising a children’s summer camp.

Seeing this as an opportunity to gain valuable experience of working with children as well as helping her friend, Barbara decided to volunteer.

During her time at camp, Barbara looked after 12 children aged between three and seven.

Benefiting from studying a childcare course at Coleg Ceredigion, Barbara organised a series of activities for the children which included: a treasure hunt in the woods, teaching the children play tennis, painting and creating sensory paths and excursions on archaeological sites.

According to Barbara: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the summer camp as I gained valuable experience.

“One of my favourite moments was taking the children to the mill in order to teach them about how flour is made from grain.

“I also enjoyed creating the sensory paths around a vegetable garden, with most of the children enjoyed new experiences such as walking barefoot through the mud.

“It was fulfilling moment seeing the excited expressions on their faces.”