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An Introduction to Students’ Union

By Madelaine Brereton, President

Madelaine is studying Law, Textiles and Criminology

This year we have already raised a lot of awareness of the Students’ Union. 

We have successfully elected 15 officers to liaise directly with students and committees within the college.

Currently we are working in collaboration with Dr Andrew Cornish our college principal, who has already expressed his full support of the Students’ Union ideas for the year ahead. 

Our main aim early into this academic year was to elect officers for all 11 roles and after a competitive election we efficiently filled all positions. 

Attending the freshers’ event across all campuses and engaging with students also helped to spread an understanding of the work and opportunities for students within the Students’ Union. 

The campaign process made new students aware of the facilities within the college and what support they can get and already we have had numerous students come forward expressing interest in supporting us and proposing areas that can be improved. 

As we study full-time, we are keen to promote new campaigns and improve areas highlighted to us by students from across all seven campuses. 

Our beliefs stand that the student voice matters the most, after a long year of working remotely due to the pandemic, we want to satisfy our learners by improving or implementing what matters the most. 

Already, we have improved the canteen facilities and brought back free sanitary products into toilet facilities.

Looking at our long-term goals we want to establish many more societies within the college like a LGBT+ club across all campuses and more engaging clubs, and by popular demand - a chess club! 

We are organising an event funded by the Students’ Union, designed for students to put forward ideas they would like funding for. This will be beneficial for individuals, groups and all students on all campuses and everyone will have a say in a vote.

We as a team, are looking forward to the exciting months ahead and as your Students’ Union representatives it's our responsibility that your say and your voice is heard.