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Learner Voice

We pay a great deal of attention to what our learners tell us and we have made excellent progress in recent years to strengthen the student voice across both campuses. The engagement of active learners is one of the core-values underpinning strategic planning and decision making. We have some excellent examples of how the college has changed over the years as a result of the ‘learner voice’.

These are fed back to our learners in a number of ways, including reports and “You said, we did” posters on display around the campuses, although the best evidence is always seeing positive improvements and changes around courses and campuses. There are a number of ways you can give us your opinions and feedback on the college, whether or not it is good or bad. You could be elected as your classroom representative and attend twice yearly meetings with staff and class reps from other courses, you can post a card in a suggestion box; speak to your tutor or a member of staff from the Learner Support team. We encourage you to communicate with us if you’re a full time or part time student, be it in further or higher education. Either way, we want your feedback.

Respect, Equality & Diversity

Coleg Ceredigion has a strong commitment to equality and diversity, and respect is a word used more than any other on each campus throughout our academic years. As well as the promotion of all three, and a recurring theme from all staff, there are a number of initiatives and events run throughout the year to reinforce the messages. A series of themed weeks and tutorial sessions promote our learners’ understanding.

We take pride in the fact that our learners tell us that they feel safe whilst they are in college.


Our culture of respect has a very positive impact on learner conduct and behaviour in the classrooms, workshops, around the college and the neighbouring communities. All learners are expected to sign the college ‘Code of Conduct’ during their induction week. During the instances in which learners break that Code of Conduct, there is a robust procedure in place to ensure that any issues or instances are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

You will find our ‘College Disciplinary Policy’ available for download which outlines the procedures in detail. The Learner Support team are keen to work with learners who, for one reason or another get involved in the disciplinary process, and we will try our best where possible to ensure that learners get through their studies without further breaching the codes of conduct.

Attendance & Absence Management

Every learner’s attendance is closely monitored and we set a very high standard of what we expect from you. We understand that in the majority of cases there are genuine reasons for absence, however, we will want to work with those whose attendance doesn’t quite meet the criteria. It is vital that learners communicate with the college when they are going to be off college and we ask you to contact your campus office by 9.30am at the latest, lines are generally open from 8.00am. Every absence is logged on a learner’s personal record.

Student finance such as EMA and WGLG can be affected if there is no communication from a learner to inform us of the absence. It is easy for you to communicate your messages to us, with the options of phoning or emailing the college.

College Induction

Course teams deliver course and campus specific information during the first few days of the college year. A member of staff from the Learner Support team will also speak to all new groups, usually for about half an hour, to deliver key messages on the following topics.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary system
  • Smoking
  • Litter
  • Use of Gâr i
  • “Be safe” and safeguarding systems
  • Availability of mentor and counselling support
  • Availability of Learning Support
  • Attendance targets and absence procedures
  • Respect and commitment to Equality and Diversity
  • Bullying policy
  • Careers guidance available
  • Student Finance support available
  • Student Union

There will also be some additional material available online for the course teams to reinforce these messages during the first few weeks. Our aim is to get our key messages out to all learners, full time and part time. The Learner Support team are always available throughout the year to discuss any of these topics with all of our learners.

Inspiring Learners

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